Daily Post challenge: From every angle… historic crane gantry at Cape Brett lighthouse.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “From Every Angle.” Cape Brett is a very remote and exposed headland in New Zealand. The crane gantry was essential for winching ashore supplies. Built in 1908, it served for 70 years, being dismantled after full automation of the lighthouse was completed. For more information, read […]

Kauri logging (2). More ingenuity…

We introduced Kauri and a short history about it’s sad demise in our last post about Kauri logging… The Coromandel area had several logging sites,each one posing its problems for the bushmen and suppliers. The new Waitawheta DOC hut sits on the old Waitawheta Sawmill site. The Waitawheta river has a good flow, but has […]

Kauri logging… Deforestation, technology and ingenuity.

Since the dawn of mankind and being able to use technology safely, we’ve a history of being rather ruthless in exploiting the advantage. In recent years, much awareness has been made of the clearing of remaining natural forest/ jungle in South America and other tropical regions to make way for cattle grazing or planting of […]

A walk in the forest… Or how to follow the trail NZ style.

Recently we were tramping through parts of the Coromandel Forest Park. In the evening, around the coals fires ( sheer luxury!) we got round to discussing how New Zealand differs from the usual trails where the other visitors to the hut came from. First up was the fact that no animal was about to eat […]