“Rainbow Warrior” memorial

Today was a special one for Neil. We have tramped up to the top of a headland at Matauri Bay in Northland to visit the “Rainbow Warrior” memorial.

In 1985 I was busy studying for school certs, the USSR was busy trying to keep its empire together and France was still trying to set off nuclear weapons in the Pacific. And the there were various people running round the world making a point of what wrongs were being done. Greenpeace was one such organisation.  They had been quite successful in their PR. So imagine the shock when I heard that the RW had been sabotaged with loss of life in New Zealand. By the French…

It was strange looking out over the headland to where she lies. The spot is shown on a carved rock, pointing left to the nearby shoals. The local Maori people offered a resting place that can only be described as respectful and honouring her life’s purpose, and the memory of her crew. Deliberately sunk as a “living wreck” or artificial reef, she is continues her crusade to promote a better environment.



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